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MultiAuxVariablesAction.h File Reference

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class  MultiAuxVariablesAction
 Automatically generates all auxvariables given vectors telling it the names and how many to create. More...


InputParameters validParams< MultiAuxVariablesAction > ()

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InputParameters validParams< MultiAuxVariablesAction > ( )

Definition at line 14 of file MultiAuxVariablesAction.C.

15 {
16  InputParameters params = validParams<AddAuxVariableAction>();
17  params.addClassDescription("Set up auxvariables for components of "
18  "MaterialProperty<std::vector<data_type> > for polycrystal sample.");
19  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>(
20  "grain_num", "Specifies the number of grains to create the aux varaivles for.");
21  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<std::string>>(
22  "variable_base", "Vector that specifies the base name of the variables.");
23  MultiMooseEnum data_type("Real RealGradient", "Real");
24  params.addRequiredParam<MultiMooseEnum>(
25  "data_type",
26  data_type,
27  "Specifying data type of the materials property, variables are created accordingly");
28  return params;
29 }