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KKSMultiACBulkBase.h File Reference

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class  KKSMultiACBulkBase
 ACBulk child class that sets up necessary variables and materials for calculation of residual contribution \( \frac{\partial f}{\partial \eta_i} \) by child classes KKSMultiACBulkF and KKSMultiACBulkC. More...


InputParameters validParams< KKSMultiACBulkBase > ()

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InputParameters validParams< KKSMultiACBulkBase > ( )

Definition at line 11 of file KKSMultiACBulkBase.C.

Referenced by validParams< KKSMultiACBulkC >(), and validParams< KKSMultiACBulkF >().

12 {
13  InputParameters params = ACBulk<Real>::validParams();
14  params.addClassDescription("Multi-order parameter KKS model kernel for the Bulk Allen-Cahn. This "
15  "operates on one of the order parameters 'eta_i' as the non-linear "
16  "variable");
17  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<MaterialPropertyName>>(
18  "Fj_names", "List of free energies for each phase. Place in same order as hj_names!");
19  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<MaterialPropertyName>>(
20  "hj_names", "Switching Function Materials that provide h. Place in same order as Fj_names!");
21  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("eta_i",
22  "Order parameter that derivatives are taken with respect to");
23  return params;
24 }
static InputParameters validParams()
Definition: ACBulk.h:72