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HyperElasticPhaseFieldIsoDamage.h File Reference

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class  HyperElasticPhaseFieldIsoDamage
 This class solves visco plastic model based on isotropically damaged stress The damage parameter is obtained from phase field fracture kernel Computes undamaged elastic strain energy and associated tensors used in phase field fracture kernel. More...


InputParameters validParams< HyperElasticPhaseFieldIsoDamage > ()

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InputParameters validParams< HyperElasticPhaseFieldIsoDamage > ( )

Definition at line 12 of file HyperElasticPhaseFieldIsoDamage.C.

13 {
14  InputParameters params = validParams<FiniteStrainHyperElasticViscoPlastic>();
15  params.addParam<bool>("numerical_stiffness", false, "Flag for numerical stiffness");
16  params.addParam<Real>("damage_stiffness", 1e-8, "Avoid zero after complete damage");
17  params.addParam<Real>("zero_tol", 1e-12, "Tolerance for numerical zero");
18  params.addParam<Real>(
19  "zero_perturb", 1e-8, "Perturbation value when strain value less than numerical zero");
20  params.addParam<Real>("perturbation_scale_factor", 1e-5, "Perturbation scale factor");
21  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("c", "Damage variable");
22  params.addClassDescription(
23  "Computes damaged stress and energy in the intermediate configuration assuming isotropy");
25  return params;
26 }
InputParameters validParams< FiniteStrainHyperElasticViscoPlastic >()