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DiscreteNucleation.h File Reference

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class  DiscreteNucleation
 Free energy penalty contribution to force the nucleation of subresolution particles. More...


InputParameters validParams< DiscreteNucleation > ()

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InputParameters validParams< DiscreteNucleation > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file DiscreteNucleation.C.

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<DerivativeFunctionMaterialBase>();
18  params.addClassDescription("Free energy contribution for nucleating discrete particles");
19  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("op_names",
20  "List of variables to force to a target concentration value");
21  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>("map", "DiscreteNucleationMap user object");
22  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>("op_values", "List of target concentration values");
23  params.addParam<Real>("penalty", 20.0, "Penalty factor for enforcing the target concentrations");
24  MooseEnum penalty_mode("MATCH MIN MAX", "MATCH");
25  params.addParam<MooseEnum>(
26  "penalty_mode",
27  penalty_mode,
28  "Match the target concentration or take it as a minimum or maximum concentration target");
29  return params;
30 }
InputParameters validParams< DerivativeFunctionMaterialBase >()