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DesorptionToPorespace.h File Reference

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class  DesorptionToPorespace
 Mass flow rate of fluid to the porespace from the matrix Add this to the DE for the porepressure variable to get fluid flowing from the matrix to the porespace. More...


InputParameters validParams< DesorptionToPorespace > ()

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InputParameters validParams< DesorptionToPorespace > ( )

Definition at line 13 of file DesorptionToPorespace.C.

14 {
15  InputParameters params = validParams<Kernel>();
16  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("conc_var",
17  "Variable representing the concentration (kg/m^3) of "
18  "fluid in the matrix that will be desorped to "
19  "porespace");
20  params.addClassDescription("Mass flow rate to the porespace from the matrix. Add this to the "
21  "other kernels for the porepressure variable to form the complete DE");
22  return params;
23 }