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InputParameters validParams< DeformedGrainMaterial > ()

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InputParameters validParams< DeformedGrainMaterial > ( )

Definition at line 6 of file DeformedGrainMaterial.C.

7 {
8  InputParameters params = validParams<Material>();
9  params.addRequiredCoupledVarWithAutoBuild(
10  "v", "var_name_base", "op_num", "Array of coupled variables");
11  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("deformed_grain_num",
12  "Number of OP representing deformed grains");
13  params.addParam<Real>("length_scale", 1.0e-9, "Length scale in m, where default is nm");
14  params.addParam<Real>("int_width", 4.0, "Diffuse Interface width in length_scale unit");
15  params.addParam<Real>("time_scale", 1.0e-6, "Time scale in sec, where default is micro sec");
16  params.addParam<Real>("GBMobility", 2.0e-13, "GB mobility input in m^4/(J*s)");
17  params.addParam<Real>("GBE", 1.0, "Grain boundary energy in J/m^2");
18  params.addParam<Real>("Disloc_Den", 9.0e15, "Dislocation Density in m^-2");
19  params.addParam<Real>("Elas_Mod", 2.50e10, "Elastic Modulus in J/m^3");
20  params.addParam<Real>("Burg_vec", 3.0e-10, "Length of Burger Vector in m");
21  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>("grain_tracker",
22  "The GrainTracker UserObject to get values from.");
23  return params;
24 }