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CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase.h File Reference

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class  CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase
 CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase is the base to a set of free energy penalties that set the phase interface barriers for arbitrary pairs of phases. More...


InputParameters validParams< CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase > ()

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InputParameters validParams< CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase > ( )

Definition at line 11 of file CrossTermBarrierFunctionBase.C.

Referenced by validParams< AsymmetricCrossTermBarrierFunctionMaterial >(), and validParams< CrossTermBarrierFunctionMaterial >().

12 {
13  InputParameters params = validParams<Material>();
14  params.addParam<std::string>("function_name", "g", "actual name for g(eta_i)");
15  MooseEnum g_order("SIMPLE=0 LOW", "SIMPLE");
16  params.addParam<MooseEnum>("g_order", g_order, "Polynomial order of the barrier function g(eta)");
17  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("etas", "eta_i order parameters, one for each h");
18  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>("W_ij",
19  "Terms controlling barrier height set W=1 in "
20  "DerivativeMultiPhaseMaterial for these to "
21  "apply");
22  return params;
23 }