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InputParameters validParams< CHPFCRFFSplitKernelAction > ()

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InputParameters validParams< CHPFCRFFSplitKernelAction > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file CHPFCRFFSplitKernelAction.C.

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<Action>();
18  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>(
19  "num_L", "specifies the number of complex L variables will be solved for");
20  params.addRequiredParam<NonlinearVariableName>("n_name", "Variable name used for the n variable");
21  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("L_name_base", "Base name for the complex L variables");
22  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("mob_name", "M", "The mobility used for n in this model");
23  MooseEnum log_options("tolerance cancelation expansion");
24  params.addRequiredParam<MooseEnum>(
25  "log_approach", log_options, "Which approach will be used to handle the natural log");
26  params.addParam<Real>("tol", 1.0e-9, "Tolerance used when the tolerance approach is chosen");
27  params.addParam<Real>(
28  "n_exp_terms", 4.0, "Number of terms used in the Taylor expansion of the natural log term");
29  params.addParam<bool>(
30  "use_displaced_mesh", false, "Whether to use displaced mesh in the kernels");
31  return params;
32 }