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InputParameters validParams< BicrystalCircleGrainICAction > ()

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InputParameters validParams< BicrystalCircleGrainICAction > ( )

Definition at line 14 of file BicrystalCircleGrainICAction.C.

15 {
16  InputParameters params = validParams<Action>();
17  params.addClassDescription("Bicrystal with a circular grain and an embedding outer grain");
18  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("var_name_base", "specifies the base name of the variables");
19  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("op_num", "Number of grains, should be 2");
20  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("radius", "Void radius");
21  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("x", "The x coordinate of the circle grain center");
22  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("y", "The y coordinate of the circle grain center");
23  params.addParam<Real>("z", 0.0, "The z coordinate of the circle grain center");
24  params.addParam<Real>(
25  "int_width", 0.0, "The interfacial width of the void surface. Defaults to sharp interface");
26  params.addParam<bool>(
27  "3D_sphere", true, "in 3D, whether the smaller grain is a spheres or columnar grain");
28  return params;
29 }