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AverageGrainVolume.h File Reference

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class  AverageGrainVolume
 Compute the average grain area in a polycrystal. More...


InputParameters validParams< AverageGrainVolume > ()

Function Documentation

InputParameters validParams< AverageGrainVolume > ( )

This object has two modes of operation: It can be used with the FeatureFloodCount object (recommended) to get the active grain on element information needed to calculate volumes. It can also work on small polycrystals where an equal number of grains and order parameters are used in the simulation. This dual-functionality creates two separate code paths and parameter sets.

Definition at line 18 of file AverageGrainVolume.C.

19 {
20  InputParameters params = validParams<GeneralPostprocessor>();
21  params.addClassDescription("Calculate average grain area in a polycrystal");
30  // Mode 1: Use the GrainTracker
31  params.addParam<UserObjectName>("feature_counter",
32  "The FeatureFloodCount UserObject to get values from.");
34  // Mode 2: Calculate grain volumes adirectly
35  params.addCoupledVarWithAutoBuild(
36  "variable", "var_name_base", "op_num", "Array of coupled variables");
37  params.addParam<unsigned int>("grain_num", "number of grains to create");
38  return params;
39 }