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AllenCahnPFFracture.h File Reference

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class  AllenCahnPFFracture
 Phase field based fracture model This kernel computes the residual and jacobian for bulk free energy contribution to c Refer to Formulation: Miehe et. More...


InputParameters validParams< AllenCahnPFFracture > ()

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InputParameters validParams< AllenCahnPFFracture > ( )

Definition at line 13 of file AllenCahnPFFracture.C.

14 {
15  InputParameters params = validParams<Kernel>();
16  params.addClassDescription(
17  "Kernel to compute bulk energy contribution to damage order parameter residual equation");
18  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("l_name", "l", "Interface width");
19  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("visco_name", "visco", "Viscosity parameter");
20  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("gc", "gc_prop", "Critical fracture energy density");
21  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("beta", "Variable storing the laplacian of c");
22  params.addCoupledVar("displacements",
23  "The string of displacements suitable for the problem statement");
24  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
25  "F_name", "E_el", "Name of material property storing the elastic energy");
27  return params;
28 }