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AEFVBC.h File Reference

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class  AEFVBC
 A boundary condition object for the advection equation using a cell-centered finite volume method. More...


InputParameters validParams< AEFVBC > ()

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InputParameters validParams< AEFVBC > ( )

Definition at line 12 of file AEFVBC.C.

13 {
14  InputParameters params = validParams<IntegratedBC>();
15  params.addClassDescription("A boundary condition kernel for the advection equation using a "
16  "cell-centered finite volume method.");
17  MooseEnum component("concentration");
18  params.addParam<MooseEnum>("component", component, "Choose one of the equations");
19  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("u", "Name of the variable to use");
20  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>("flux", "Name of the boundary flux object to use");
21  return params;
22 }
Real component(const SymmTensor &symm_tensor, unsigned int index)