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ACInterfaceKobayashi1.h File Reference

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class  ACInterfaceKobayashi1
 Kernel 1 of 2 for interfacial energy anisotropy in the Allen-Cahn equation as implemented in R. More...


InputParameters validParams< ACInterfaceKobayashi1 > ()

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InputParameters validParams< ACInterfaceKobayashi1 > ( )

Definition at line 11 of file ACInterfaceKobayashi1.C.

12 {
13  InputParameters params = validParams<KernelGrad>();
14  params.addClassDescription("Anisotropic gradient energy Allen-Cahn Kernel Part 1");
15  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("mob_name", "L", "The mobility used with the kernel");
16  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>("eps_name", "eps", "The anisotropic interface parameter");
17  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
18  "deps_name",
19  "deps",
20  "The derivative of the anisotropic interface parameter with respect to angle");
21  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
22  "depsdgrad_op_name",
23  "depsdgrad_op",
24  "The derivative of the anisotropic interface parameter eps with respect to grad_op");
25  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
26  "ddepsdgrad_op_name", "ddepsdgrad_op", "The derivative of deps with respect to grad_op");
27  params.addCoupledVar("args", "Vector of nonlinear variable arguments this object depends on");
28  return params;
29 }