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tao_optimization_solver.h File Reference

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class  libMesh::TaoOptimizationSolver< T >
 This class provides an interface to the Tao optimization solvers. More...


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.


PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_objective (Tao tao, Vec x, PetscReal *objective, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_gradient (Tao tao, Vec x, Vec g, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_hessian (Tao tao, Vec x, Mat h, Mat pc, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_equality_constraints (Tao tao, Vec x, Vec ce, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_equality_constraints_jacobian (Tao tao, Vec x, Mat J, Mat Jpre, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_inequality_constraints (Tao tao, Vec x, Vec cineq, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_tao_inequality_constraints_jacobian (Tao tao, Vec x, Mat J, Mat Jpre, void *ctx)