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system_projection.C File Reference

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class  libMesh::GenericProjector< FFunctor, GFunctor, FValue, ProjectionAction >
 This class implements the loops to other projection operations. More...
class  libMesh::VectorSetAction< Val >
 This action class can be used with a GenericProjector to set projection values (which must be of type Val) as coefficients of the given NumericVector. More...
class  libMesh::FEMFunctionWrapper< Output >
class  libMesh::OldSolutionValue< Output, point_output >
class  libMesh::BuildProjectionList
 This class builds the send_list of old dof indices whose coefficients are needed to perform a projection. More...
class  libMesh::BoundaryProjectSolution
 This class implements projecting an arbitrary boundary function to the current mesh. More...


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.