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sparsity_pattern.h File Reference

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class  libMesh::SparsityPattern::Graph
class  libMesh::SparsityPattern::NonlocalGraph
class  libMesh::SparsityPattern::Build
 This helper class can be called on multiple threads to compute the sparsity pattern (or graph) of the sparse matrix resulting from the discretization. More...


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.
 This defines the sparsity pattern, or graph, of a sparse matrix.


typedef std::vector< dof_id_type, Threads::scalable_allocator< dof_id_type > > libMesh::SparsityPattern::Row


template<typename BidirectionalIterator >
static void libMesh::SparsityPattern::sort_row (const BidirectionalIterator begin, BidirectionalIterator middle, const BidirectionalIterator end)
 Splices the two sorted ranges [begin,middle) and [middle,end) into one sorted range [begin,end). More...
void libMesh::SparsityPattern::_dummy_function (void)
 Dummy function that does nothing but can be used to prohibit compiler optimization in some situations where some compilers have optimization bugs. More...