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safe_bool.h File Reference

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class  libMesh::safe_bool_base
 This is a helper class which can be used to make pre-C++11 operator bool() comparisons safer by making them behave a bit more like they have the "explicit" keyword attached. More...
class  libMesh::safe_bool< T >


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.


template<typename T >
bool libMesh::operator== (const safe_bool< T > &lhs, bool b)
template<typename T >
bool libMesh::operator== (bool b, const safe_bool< T > &rhs)
template<typename T , typename U >
bool libMesh::operator== (const safe_bool< T > &lhs, const safe_bool< U > &)
template<typename T , typename U >
bool libMesh::operator!= (const safe_bool< T > &lhs, const safe_bool< U > &)