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petsc_nonlinear_solver.C File Reference

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 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.


PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_snes_monitor (SNES, PetscInt its, PetscReal fnorm, void *)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_snes_residual (SNES, Vec x, Vec r, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_snes_jacobian (#if PETSC_RELEASE_LESS_THAN(3, 5, 0) SNES snes, Vec x, Mat *jac, Mat *pc, MatStructure *msflag, void *ctx#else SNES snes, Vec x, Mat jac, Mat pc, void *ctx#endif)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_snes_postcheck (#if PETSC_VERSION_LESS_THAN(3, 3, 0) SNES, Vec x, Vec y, Vec w, void *context, PetscBool *changed_y, PetscBool *changed_w#else SNESLineSearch, Vec x, Vec y, Vec w, PetscBool *changed_y, PetscBool *changed_w, void *context#endif)