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petsc_diff_solver.C File Reference

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 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.


PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_diff_solver_monitor (SNES snes, PetscInt its, PetscReal fnorm, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_diff_solver_residual (SNES, Vec x, Vec r, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode libMesh::__libmesh_petsc_diff_solver_jacobian (SNES, Vec x, Mat *libmesh_dbg_var(j), Mat *pc, MatStructure *msflag, void *ctx) PetscErrorCode __libmesh_petsc_diff_solver_jacobian(SNES
PetscErrorCode Vec Mat libMesh::libmesh_dbg_var (j)
 libMesh::libmesh_assert (j)
 libMesh::libmesh_assert (ctx)
PetscVector< Number > libMesh::X_input (x, sys.comm())
PetscMatrix< Number > J_input * libMesh::pc ()
PetscMatrix< Number > libMesh::J_input (pc, sys.comm())
X_input libMesh::swap (X_system)
J_input libMesh::swap (J_system)
sys libMesh::get_dof_map ()
DiffSolver::SolveResult libMesh::convert_solve_result (SNESConvergedReason r)


PetscErrorCode Vec libMesh::x
PetscErrorCode Vec Mat Mat libMesh::pc
PetscErrorCode Vec Mat Mat void * libMesh::ctx
PetscDiffSolver & libMesh::solver
ImplicitSystem & libMesh::sys = solver.system()
if(solver.verbose) libMesh PetscVector< Number > & libMesh::X_system
PetscMatrix< Number > & libMesh::J_system