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parallel_conversion_utils.h File Reference

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struct  libMesh::Parallel::Utils::Convert< KeyType >
 A utility to convert a double to some sort of KeyType, for interpreting how histogram bounds relate to KeyType positions. More...
struct  libMesh::Parallel::Utils::Convert< std::pair< FirstKeyType, SecondKeyType > >
 A pseudoinverse for converting bounds back to pairs of key types. More...
struct  libMesh::Parallel::Utils::Convert< Hilbert::HilbertIndices >


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.
 The Parallel namespace is for wrapper functions for common general parallel synchronization tasks.


template<typename KeyType >
bool libMesh::Parallel::Utils::is_sorted (const std::vector< KeyType > &v)
template<typename KeyType >
double libMesh::Parallel::Utils::to_double (const KeyType &k)
 A utility function which converts whatever KeyType is to a double for the histogram bounds. More...
template<typename FirstKeyType , typename SecondKeyType >
double libMesh::Parallel::Utils::to_double (const std::pair< FirstKeyType, SecondKeyType > &k)
 A utility function for pairs of key types. More...
double libMesh::Parallel::Utils::to_double (const Hilbert::HilbertIndices &bvt)