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mesh_triangle_wrapper.h File Reference

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 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.
 A special namespace for wrapping the standard Triangle API, as well as some helper functions for initializing/destroying the structs triangle uses to communicate.


typedef Real libMesh::REAL


enum  libMesh::TriangleWrapper::IO_Type { libMesh::TriangleWrapper::INPUT = 0, libMesh::TriangleWrapper::OUTPUT = 1, libMesh::TriangleWrapper::BOTH = 2 }


void libMesh::TriangleWrapper::init (triangulateio &t)
 Initializes the fields of t to NULL/0 as necessary. More...
void libMesh::TriangleWrapper::destroy (triangulateio &t, IO_Type)
 Frees any memory which has been dynamically allocated by Triangle. More...
void libMesh::TriangleWrapper::copy_tri_to_mesh (const triangulateio &triangle_data_input, UnstructuredMesh &mesh_output, const ElemType type)
 Copies triangulation data computed by triangle from a triangulateio object to a LibMesh mesh. More...