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mesh_subdivision_support.h File Reference

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 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.
 Utility functions for operations on a Mesh object.
 Utility functions for subdivision surface operations on a Mesh.


void libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::find_one_ring (const Tri3Subdivision *elem, std::vector< const Node * > &nodes)
 Determines the 1-ring of element elem, and writes it to the nodes vector. More...
void libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::all_subdivision (MeshBase &mesh)
 Turns a triangulated mesh into a subdivision mesh. More...
void libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::prepare_subdivision_mesh (MeshBase &mesh, bool ghosted=false)
 Prepares the mesh for use with subdivision elements. More...
void libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::add_boundary_ghosts (MeshBase &mesh)
 Adds a new layer of "ghost" elements along the domain boundaries. More...
void libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::tag_boundary_ghosts (MeshBase &mesh)
 Flags the outermost element layer along the domain boundaries as "ghost" elements. More...


static const unsigned int libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::next [3] = {1,2,0}
 A lookup table for the increment modulo 3 operation, for iterating through the three nodes per element in positive direction. More...
static const unsigned int libMesh::MeshTools::Subdivision::prev [3] = {2,0,1}
 A lookup table for the decrement modulo 3 operation, for iterating through the three nodes per element in negative direction. More...