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void build_domain (libMesh::MeshBase &mesh, FEMParameters &param)

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void build_domain ( libMesh::MeshBase mesh,
FEMParameters param 

Definition at line 10 of file domain.C.

References libMesh::MeshBase::all_second_order(), FEMParameters::domainfile, libMesh::out, and libMesh::MeshBase::read().

12 {
15  libMesh::out << "Making elements 2nd order" << std::endl;
17  // Right now we are setting approximation orders in the code, rather than reading them in
18  // That needs to be fixed and the second ordering should be done only if one of the
19  // approximation orders is greater than 1
20  mesh.all_second_order();
21 }
virtual void all_second_order(const bool full_ordered=true)=0
Converts a (conforming, non-refined) mesh with linear elements into a mesh with second-order elements...
std::string domainfile
Definition: femparameters.h:46
OStreamProxy out
virtual void read(const std::string &name, void *mesh_data=libmesh_nullptr, bool skip_renumber_nodes_and_elements=false, bool skip_find_neighbors=false)=0
Interfaces for reading/writing a mesh to/from a file.