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dirichlet_boundaries.h File Reference

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class  libMesh::FEMFunctionBase< Output >
 FEMFunctionBase is a base class from which users can derive in order to define "function-like" objects that can be used within FEMSystem. More...
class  libMesh::FunctionBase< Output >
 This is the base class for functor-like classes. More...
class  libMesh::DirichletBoundary
 This class allows one to associate Dirichlet boundary values with a given set of mesh boundary ids and system variable ids. More...
class  libMesh::DirichletBoundaries
 We're using a class instead of a typedef to allow forward declarations and future flexibility. More...


 The libMesh namespace provides an interface to certain functionality in the library.


enum  libMesh::VariableIndexing { libMesh::SYSTEM_VARIABLE_ORDER = 0, libMesh::LOCAL_VARIABLE_ORDER }
 Dirichlet functions may be indexed either by "system variable order" or "local variable order", depending on how the DirichletBoundary object is constructed. More...