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No Comm World

We do our best to insulate our users from needing to think about parallel issues in their applications. However, even with our best efforts there are still times when you need to perform your own MPI communication... but even in those cases we provide helper functions.


Preconditioning multiphysics problems is a complicated issue... but I'll try to shed some light. For further reading there is a fairly lengthy explanation of all of this in the MOOSE Workshop Manual which you can snag here:

Time For libMesh Update

It's that time: we have updated the version of libMesh that MOOSE is relying on so you need to take action. This comes in two steps:

Solving Reaction Network Systems

We had a question on our mailing list recently about how to solve for systems of equations that involve multiple interactions of equations. This comes up a lot in chemical systems, neutronics and lots of other places.

Picard With MultiApps

In the MOOSE view of things there are three types of coupling:

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