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Writing to the Console output object

Each MooseObject now has a member variable (_console) which is essentially an output stream connecting to the Console output object(s). It allows messages to be passed through the Moose output system, thus properly handled when parameters such as 'output_initial' or 'interval' are being utilized. This message will also be included in the Console file output, if enabled.

Removing [AuxBCs] block

The [AuxBCs] block is being removed from MOOSE. All AuxKernels should be added via the [AuxKernels] block. Setting the 'block' parameter will cause the AuxKernel to operate on elements and setting the 'boundary' parameter will cause it to operate on boundaries.

Automatic Material Property Output

It is now possible to quickly enable outputting of material properties directly from the Materials sub-blocks, simply set the outputs parameter to any output names defined in the [Outputs] block (or set it to all for the properties to come out on all Outputs), following the same syntax as in Postprocessors. You can restrict this to just outputting certain properties by employing the output_properties parameter:

Default Output Naming Scheme

I updated the default naming scheme for the [Outputs] block:

Output System

New MOOSE Output System

The new output system is now in place within MOOSE and will soon be the only output system. The completed new system will be merged in the coming days and the old system disable in MOOSE. However, INL internal applications such as BISON and MARMOT will have the old system enabled so that they may be upgraded individually.

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